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We help you capitalize on opportunities to drive profitable growth, rethink organizational structure and reap the potential of information. Today, finance functions have to look at how the whole organization — and beyond — impacts the bottom line.

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When your organization is faced with complex business issues that stifle growth, increase costs and introduce new risks, you need more than just best practices or simple point solutions. Profitable long-term growth and value-added insights require rethinking what you do with the resources you have in a strategic manner to drive transformative change. In today’s business environment, organizations that delay their response or ignore the need to transform risk slow growth and lost competitive advantage, or worse.

Transforming Finance must be an enterprise-wide undertaking. Our Finance Consulting professionals have both finance and accounting knowledge, plus an underlying knowledge of enabling technologies to help you capitalize on opportunities that will help grow, improve and protect your business now and in the future. EY adapts the methodology and delivery to suit your specific circumstances. And we can help you rethink what you do with data to unlock valuable business insight.

We continually develop our services to meet the needs of today’s quickly evolving digital standards and your ever-evolving goals for success. We know that making changes in one small area can make a huge positive difference overall.

  • Agile Business Finance

    We can help finance become adaptable, insightful and cost effective by unlocking the power of technology to transform your business.

    Our Agile Business Finance approach:

    • Evaluates and understands the gaps created by your current technology environment and the implication for your operating model, organization and process effectiveness.
    • Develops a road map that clearly identifies your future state objectives and how technology-enabled transformation can help you achieve those objective. 
    • Understands the potential business benefits and overall business case in detail so that appropriate investment decisions and trade-offs can be made. The focus is the right leading-edge technology from both an ERP perspective as well as digital enhancement, including technologies such as intelligent automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other similar capabilities.
    • Finally, we don’t lose sight of the human element with a variety of companion services focused on managing change, understanding the new skills required and helping the people impacted transition to new ways of working and thinking about work.
  • People Excellence

    People Excellence helps map finance’s current skill set, identify opportunities for improvement and execute the road map to prepare the finance team for the future. 

    EY teams leverage a proven approach to: 

    • Assess the current strengths and weaknesses of the finance function’s current skill set
    • Refine roles and responsibilities
    • Benchmark against leading skills expectations
    • Identify skills gaps
    • Advise on recommendations for improvement
  • Finance Controlling Excellence

    We can help finance align more closely with other functions and develop a mutual understanding of risks and opportunities.

    Our Finance Controlling Excellence approach:

    • Widens the finance leader’s perspective to collaborate closely with other internal functions for business planning and strategic decisions and not just from a monitoring, reporting and risk management perspective. 
    • Brings together all of the key elements of an effective controllership function: people, process, policy, technology and delivery model, while promoting strong partnership between finance and the business.
    • Leverages leading-class technology such as SAP Simple Finance to drive the data, analytics and insights required to manage the business. 
    • Designs and implements finance delivery models to build the scale and consistency required to manage an increasingly complex landscape. 
    • Integrates both the global standards and local complexities required of the controllership function.
  • Global Finance Delivery Excellence

    Future delivery models for Global Business Services (GBS) are global, multifunctional, fully integrated and end-to-end process-oriented. The move toward a Global Business Services organization is a process of evolution rather than revolution, and from today’s perspective, “end-to-end” Global Business Services are the end point for this evolution. 

    Our Global Finance Delivery Excellence service offering addresses:

    • The setup of finance shared services, the migration from finance to multifunctional and regional shared services, as well as the migration from multifunctional shared services to a truly “end-to-end” GBS organization.
    • Helping you determine the current maturity of your GBS journey in six dimensions: 

    1.  Strategy

    2. Organization and location

    3.  Service scope and maturity

    4.  Migration and improvement

    5.  Processes and automation

    6.  People and talent

    • Fostering a commercially oriented culture and balancing cost reduction targets with investments for process innovation. 

    We work with our Supply Chain & Operations, People Advisory Services, Technology, Customer, Risk as well as Human Capital and Tax teams to offer you these services consistently across functions, across the globe and in a fully integrated way. Our innovative “Build-Operate-Transfer” approach allows you to establish GBS more quickly and with reduced risk.

  • Finance diagnostic — how are you performing against your peers?

    Incorporating benchmarking as a business performance management tool helps you understand how your organization is performing against its peers. 

    Our benchmarking offerings help you to design and implement a program to calculate your business performance, compare to industry or other relevant standards and identify key findings and opportunities for improvement. Using the benchmarking repository with over 500,000 analysis points with deep data sets across several sectors enables fact-based decision-making.

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The Consulting team is a diverse network of consultants and industry professionals with a global mindset and a collaborative culture. We work to understand your issues and are driven to ask better questions in the pursuit of making your business work better. Contact one of our Advisory professionals today to see how we can help you.

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