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Why connect to the EY Alumni Network?

The EY Alumni Network helps connect all of our EY people, past and present, to more opportunities, more resources and more of the people they need to know for the future. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, allowing alumni to continue to build on the legacy they created at EY and helping EY to continue to deliver on our promise to build a better working world.

The key to better working is not just what you know or who you know today — it’s who you get to know. Working at EY puts you at the center of a connected and exclusive global network of people and experiences. Stay part of something special. Stay connected.

We’re so proud of EY’s strong and diverse network of 1 million alumni – they are a powerful source of advice and insight into the global business environment.
Carmine Di Sibio
EY Global Chairman and CEO



EY Alumni Referral Award Program

The Alumni Referral Award Program offers eligible alumni a cash award for referring qualified candidates who are hired by EY. Referred candidates get an incredible opportunity to advance their careers, and you get the chance to change the working world — one person at a time.

Log in or register for the EY Alumni Network to read more about the program, including eligibility requirements, rank-based awards and the process for submitting a referral. Under Job Opportunities, select Alumni Referral Program.

Alumni spotlights

Members of the EY alumni family talk about lessons learned and experiences gained during their time at EY.

Photographic portrait of Jessica Bramhall

Jessica Bramhall

Jessica Bramhall shares how her time at EY opened doors to new opportunities. 

Photographic portrait of Sean Daly

Sean Daly

Sean Daly, retired audit partner, talks about the most rewarding moment of his career.

Photographic portrait of Shawn Johnston

Shawn Johnston

EY provided Shawn Johnston with a solid foundation for his career.

Photographic portrait of Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson sees EY as an exceptional training ground for future business leaders.

Photographic portrait of Geoffrey Koslov

Geoffrey Koslov of Foto Relevance LLC spoke with us about the power of art to bring people together, lessons from his EY days and connections that last a lifetime.

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Insights LIVE! presented by EY Alumni

Your resource for purpose-driven, action-oriented career and personal development.

Insights LIVE! explores different elements of modern leadership, from fostering creative spirit to empowering high-performing teams.

Log in to the EY Alumni Network to watch recordings of past events and check the event calendar for upcoming sessions.

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