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Venture capital can accelerate a company’s path to hyper growth. We can connect you to the insights and resources needed to navigate your venture-backed journey and achieve your ambitions.

What EY can do for you

We help our clients achieve their ambitions by connecting them to insights and resources that drive growth. Venture capital investment can give businesses a significant leg up as they look to scale.

With record deal volume and fund formation in recent years, the industry is more complex than ever, presenting tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

Our team serves as your trusted advisor as you navigate the space.

We have decades of experience building relationships and tracking trends within the startup and VC ecosystem. We understand the ups and downs of market cycles and have experience working across industries and deal stages.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for backing or an investor formulating your thesis, we can connect you to the data, insights and people to propel you forward.

How we help

The venture capital landscape is vast and constantly evolving. Whether you’re a market leader, entrepreneur or investor, we can help you by:

  • Getting you connected within the VC and entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Keeping you up-to-date on shifting investment and industry trends
  • Helping you identify signal vs. noise in the VC landscape

From growth-stage companies to venture firms, we interface with many different players within startups and venture capital.

  • How we help high-growth companies

    • Deliver advice and resources related to go-to-market and growth strategies
    • Provide guidance on how to evaluate fundraising options
    • Facilitate connections within the startup and VC ecosystem
  • How we help VC funds

    • Provide advice and services to support funds and their portfolio companies
    • Share insights and trends shaping the VC industry
    • Host events and conferences to connect with peers and entrepreneurs
  • How we help corporate venture capital teams

    • Advise on how to accelerate growth through innovation and venture investing
    • Provide insights and resources for evaluating the VC landscape and getting connected within the ecosystem
    • Support to build and scale a successful venture strategy in-house

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