Digital business building

We build digital businesses that can outpace the competition and drive concerted P&L impact and total shareholder return, whether you are creating a breakthrough new digital venture or evolving your organization into a digital-native enterprise.

Breakthrough business building from concept to cash

We focus on strategies to originate, build, and scale new businesses and reimagine your core business for growth.

Digital ventures

We originate and launch new businesses at scale for traditional corporations.

Digital enterprise

We take a venture-building mindset to turbocharge the core business.

The key characteristics of a digital business

  • The ability to connect digital to the P&L statement
  • A greater intimacy with customers and the customer’s customer
  • A focus on continuously evolving and adapting to changing market conditions and disruptions
  • The opportunity to tell a better ESG story, built on data and digital

What it means to build a digital business

Digital business building is a continuous process that can bridge silos across the organization and drive meaningful impact to the P&L. Taking a venture-backed mindset and thinking holistically across the anatomy of the business can accelerate the organic and inorganic growth journeys.

Digital business building is both an art and a science — inventing sticky solutions beyond the first principles is the ‘art’; translating that value into breakthrough P&L impact is the ‘science.’
Praveen Arivazhagan
EY-Parthenon Americas Digital Business Building Garage Leader

What EY-Parthenon can do for you

Our agile multi-stage approach helps organizations reimagine and scale up a portfolio of digital-centric businesses. Central to our approach is the “bootstrap” phase in which bite-sized experimentation can help identify the scalable recipe for business models. 

Co-creating the proposition

Inventing, co-creating and testing with actual customers and stakeholders.

Finding the needle in the haystack

Validating options efficiently through bite-size experiments to identify the right strategic design.

Accelerating build and launch

Enhancing the mix of build, buy and partner to help accelerate time to market and avoid overspending.

Focusing on the P&L

Developing a gated investment plan backed by success measures including a laser focus on profit and loss, and delivery of key performance indicators.

Nudging behavioral change

Enabling change management and culture shifts through behavioral economics built into the solution.

Our approach to reimagining business digitally requires conviction, perseverance and building teams with grit.
Anand Ganapathy
EY-Parthenon Americas Digital Business Building Leader

Our team of business builders brings multi-faceted experience and skills that are critical in taking you through the concept-to-cash journey.

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