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Shift your lens, unfold your potential

Radical Self-Questioning activates Radical Confidence, Awareness & Connection with Every Person you Engage With

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You don’t need more coaching

It’s time to get super curious about what motivates you. Unlocking limitless potential requires a profound understanding of you, and the ability to ask the questions that compel you forward without constraints. Partner with me to learn how.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein

Explore positive psychology

Discover how your brain really works and why it so often creates resistance that holds us back.

Learn how to pause and reassess any situation, without abrupt reactions.

Play with time-tested tools that inspire, galvanise and guide your reconnection to yourself.

Let go of unhelpful conditioning and develop an objective internal dialogue that’s meaningful and supportive.

Unearth your authentic goals

Learn how to utilise the most powerful of skills – Radical Honesty & Radical Self Questioning and have the ability to ask yourself questions that compel you forward.

Cultivate a profound understanding of yourself and enjoy relationships that enliven every aspect of your life.

Your curiosity is a superpower that can be celebrated and actively engaged with everyday.

Unearth your authentic goals and create a clear pathway with supportive action steps to help you on your path to a life that lights you up!

Potential has no limits

How would it feel to completely trust in your ability to make the best decisions for yourself?

And to be free from the stress of other people’s expectations, thoughts and actions?

Almost everything we’re taught about success is false. Let’s drop the illusion of the perfect life that is conjured to keep you in fear and in place.

That’s not for me & it’s not for you...

If you want to Achieve Your Goals with More Ease than you thought possible or have a career or business that is Thriving & Profitable - then Jump In

“A very, very sincere thank you. The team loved the program and learnt so much from participating in it. I was beyond impressed with the techniques, knowledge and communication style. Wow! We really appreciate you, Stephanie.”                           Tim, CEO/Founder, Leading Charity Group 

“I didn’t realize how stuck in negativity I could get, Stephanie helped me to realize I need to look for positivity every day. The group was great! And I really benefited from learning new ways to incorporate the techniques into my day. If you’re considering working with Stephanie, DO IT! She is amazing“.
Sonia,  Founder/CEO, Tech Start-Up

“I really needed to take some time to focus on myself. Doing this program ensured I made time to explore what barriers I had that could be dissolved. It gave me a safe, supportive space to do that with several of those barriers, the work continues! After the program, I began to see life through a lighter lens. I’m more mindful of who I am. I’m more able to stop myself from becoming stressed about situations that I have no control over. I manage my stress so much better and my thinking and problem solving is clearer and less pressured”.
Maharay, Herbal Practitioner

“I want everyone thinking about doing this program to know that this is a beautiful, nurturing investment in being true to yourself and learning not to take on the responsibility of how others choose to be. This is a safe space to explore yourself without compromising your skills, in fact, I enhanced so many skills and acquired more with confidence and creativity! I highly recommend giving yourself this gift“.
Mary, Mother, Teacher & Space Holder

How did we get here?

Stephanie returned to the corporate world after having her son and found herself at the very bottom of the ladder again. She actively began working her way up and was able to triple her annual salary within a 4 year period.

How? By having a spectacular work ethic, being incredibly clear on what she wanted and asking directly for that. Since leaving the corporate world, she has started and actively run two successful businesses.

One business surpassed 6 figures within 12 months. The other ceased operations completely through 2020-2022 and has since been rebranded, re-orientated and revitalised. In 2022 so far, it has doubled its 2019 revenue and is on track to 10x its best previous revenue year.

Stephanie Smilas is a Life enthusiast, a lightbulb moments junkie, a potential seeker, the question asker and the founder of Unfold Consulting and the Unfold Your Potential Movement. 

She teaches people how to ask themselves the right questions that compel them forward. By understanding how the brain works, positive psychology and how we all hold ourselves back in one way or another.

Shift Your Lens, Unfold Your Potential

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