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This is a gathering of spectacular humans who know they have Extraordinary inside of them. 

Join us for WEEKLY live training sessions, with our Founder and CEO – Stephanie Smilas. Read about how Stephanie was able to triple her corporate salary in a 4 year period & has since started TWO 6 figure businesses. 

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I speak to Every Person who comes into this community. It is genuinely by invite only. Whether you’re paying $1,500 or $150,000 makes no difference. I am the gatekeeper of this magical realm where open thinking is celebrated, curiosity is applauded, an eagerness to learn is a must-have and a willingness to be uncomfortable is an absolute necessity!

I know that the term ‘be/get uncomfortable’ is on repeat right now but my love, I’m talking about RADICAL Self Honesty and that, done properly, is uncomfortable. 

You can put as much or as little info into this form as you like. What I will ask is that you NOT deliberate over the answers. Write the very first thing that comes into your mind because that is what you need to focus on. There are no wrong answers here. Don’t overthink it. Whatever comes to your mind, write that. Whether it’s one word, one paragraph or one page (please not one page!). I’m excited to read your answers. Chat soon my love.

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