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Stephanie Smilas, Founder/ CEO

We all start somewhere, sometimes more than once...

Stephanie returned to the corporate world after having her son and found herself at the very bottom of the ladder again. She actively began working her way up and was able to triple her annual salary within a 4 year period.

How? By having a spectacular work ethic, being incredibly clear on what she wanted and asking directly for that.

Since leaving the corporate world, she has started and actively runs two successful businesses.

One business surpassed 6 figures within 12 months. The other ceased operations completely through 2020-2022 and has since been rebranded, re-orientated and revitalised. So far in 2022 it has doubled its 2019 revenue and is on track to 10x its best previous revenue year.

Stephanie Smilas is a Life enthusiast, a lightbulb moments junkie, a potential seeker, the question asker and the founder of Unfold Consulting and the Unfold Your Potential Movement. 

She teaches people how to ask themselves the right questions that compel them forward. By understanding how the brain works, positive psychology and how we all hold ourselves back in one way or another.

She has worked with hundreds of individuals and with corporate giants like PWC and Victoria Police. You may also have seen her teaching yoga on the Channel 31 tv show, Move it or Lose it.

Stephanie’s enthusiasm for learning and life is infectious.

She works with a warmth that is welcoming and authenticity that is paramount in everything she does.

Stephanie was an avid learner from a young age and was reading unassisted when she started kindergarten at 3 years old. Growing up in East London, she got her first job at the age of 12 and by 16 was financially supporting her family. 

She knew she wanted more from life than her peers seemed happy to accept. She began searching and found yoga, then meditation. Moving to Australia and becoming a mother have been the most incredible, love-filled and amazing learning experinces.

Once in the corprate world, what she lacked in education she made up for in diligence, ingenuity and an unequalled work ethic. She worked her way up the corporate ladder by excelling in every role and then seeking out opportunities and aggressively going after them. Eventually she had corporate companies creating positions within their executive teams specifically for her. Where she revolutionised team dynamics, training processes and absolutely shattered sales targets. 

Although different, each role she undertook had the common thread of being focused on understanding people and putting them first. 

Stephanie uses her lived experience, the skills learnt in the corporate world and more than a decade of teaching meditation and yoga, to understand people in a way that’s altogether unique.

"I see the bigger picture & smallest details. I see what others miss" Ss

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